Is the hair chemically processed?

No, our hair has never been chemically processed. All textures are steamed or straightened, the patterns will come back after every wash.

How do you remove nits?

 80 degree hot water is used to wash the raw hair for 8-10 times to remove nits.

Can I bleach or dye the hair?

Yes, our hair is 100% virgin hair, no synthetic or fiber mixed. It can be easily dyed. However, frequently dyed or perm will do harm to hair itself, even destroy the hair. Please remember to use heat protecting spray before doing perm.

How many donors for your hair?

Virgin hair is from a single donor combing out daily.. Remy hair is from 2-3 donors. All of our hair is virgin.

Does it shed or tangle?

Shedding: All our bundles are double machine weft to make sure that there is no shedding. But we also suggest clients to seal weft before installing and brushing it with a wide tooth comb.

Tangle: Our hair will not tangle because it is cuticle aligned hair!! However, dryness, oil and dirt build up, salt water or not combing daily will lead to tangles. Follow hair care instructions and use good shampoo/conditioner to wash hair twice a week.